We turn your production data into profit

Get the most out of your production with our industrial data acquisition and analysis system. Production optimization easily, without investment costs.

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Get the most out of production

What you can measure you can improve, too. What you can measure in real time, quickly and accurately, that can give you a significant competitive advantage.

It is worth talking about

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What would your company be able to do with the IMM-Data solution?

What is the actual potential in your company?

Switch to a higher speed with your company, without replacing any machinery.
With our industrial data collection and analysis system, you can reach new heights without considerable investment.

Increasing profits

More efficient production processes and daily work, noticeable changes, even after 3 months.

Cost reduction

Not only the machinery's, but also financial indicators will tell about the enhanced performance.

Competitive edge

The technology is already paying off in the short term, but it has a really significant competitive advantage in the long run.

Transforming data into profit boosting information

It is not enough to measure the data. You need more to increase your profits:


The value
of data

The data is worth as
much as how we treat it


Accurate, unified
automated data collection



Clear data analysis
and visualization



Real time
decision support


Competitive edge
for your company

Digital transformation
levelling up stress free

Transforming data into profit boosting information

We can extract data from any machine
The heterogeneous production environment, that is typical of the SME sector, can be standardized without a changing any machinery. The IMM-data hardware solution collects data uniformly from all machines like a simultaneous interpreter: it transmits data accurately, quickly and in real time to a central system, where the data is transformed into valuable information. Thus, communication between machines using different technology and programming languages is possible: we find a common voice.
We create value from all kinds of machine data
All machine data is processed uniformly in a software, where the efficiency of production is increased with the help of real-time statistics and assessments. Thanks to algorithms, in some cases, our automated system is able to optimize production even without human intervention. Real-time notifications and alerts always indicate to the right member of the team the relationships that are inherent in the data, thus supporting the development of a data-driven production strategy.
You can count on our expertise in everything
We provide professional assistance in the integration of our industrial data collection and analysis system, before, during and after implementation. We know from experience that technical knowledge is not enough to implement a new technology, a complex strategic approach is needed. We assess the needs of your business and provide free advice and a test period to make sure it is worth measuring well.
Everything is given to level up
We aim to maintain the competitiveness of the manufacturing segment of the SME sector, so our solution will not only lead to significant cost reductions and efficiencies, but also a digital transformation. Industry 4.0 and IoT integration alone are just buzzwords. We prepare your business for the digital transformation, we provide all the conditions, so that you can adapt the change to your company's operations in the best possible way.

Competitive advantage in the SME sector

IMM-data’s industrial data collection system has been fine-tuned specifically for manufacturing companies in the SME sector to remain competitive in the world of Industry 4.0.

Cost reduction

Significant reduction in scrap rates and downtime

Flexible workforce

More transparent, more efficient everyday work

Decision support

More efficient production and maintenance strategy

Production optimization

Increase overall asset efficiency ratio


Accurate, fast, real-time data collection and analysis

Digital transformation

Cutting-edge technology and implementation methodology

We collect data, we create value

Real-time data collection is not just about improving the productivity and profitability of manufacturing companies. Our goal is to lay the foundations for the long-term competitiveness of the SME sector, and to provide opportunities for technological advancement.

of development
days enough to
months to return
the investment

How do we measure success?

The numbers speak for themselves, but we are the proudest of that we always see the man behind the numbers. That is why we were able to achieve results for our clients, regardless of the industry and the characteristics of the challenges. That is why we are seen as a partner.

Industry experience

The data collection system of IMM-data is an easy-to-use, industry-independent solution for any manufacturing company. At the same time, we have come a long way in the field: our success has been based on our industry experience.

Metal industry

We provide solutions to the data collection challenges of the metalworking industry.

Plastics industry

We have the largest industry experience in the plastics industry.

Food industry

We are currently actively looking for our first test partners who would like to try our solution. Applications are most welcome, under the 'Contact' menu!

Our clients

We are proud to see the people behind the numbers: we know there are no template solutions, so we see all our customers as partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will answer everything. Get to know the details!

The essence of industrial data collection is to provide our customers with the data that will be the basis for their manufacturing decisions.
Based on these decisions, our customers can achieve significant cost savings and increased production efficiency.

MM-Data currently offers its solutions for the plastic injection molding and metal processing industries.

Our solution guarantees a return within 6 months and a more efficient, profitable production.

Our customers achieved an average 3-5% scrap rate improvement (along with a better OEE rate) within 12 months.
By evaluating and analyzing the data together, we propose changes in manufacturing technology, that will help us achieve better metrics.

Our customers can view the data on any PC, tablet, laptop or mobile phone.
Data security is paramount to us, so our systems are strictly closed. Data can only be seen by the authorized team / user, within the scope of our Clients.

The essence of industrial data collection is to provide our customers with the data that will be the basis for their manufacturing decisions.
With these decisions, our customers can achieve significant cost savings, as well as increased efficiency and profits.

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