Digital data collection and analysis of data
from production machines and peripherals

We help streamline your industrial data

Founded in 2021 IMM-DATA is a Hungary based Industrial Machine-to-Machine data collection & analytics solution provider.

Our goal is ensuring Digital Transformation for manufacturers operating in the plastic, metal, & food industries through measurability, transparency and efficiency.

Our services

IMM-Data helps you to reduce costs and increase efficiency by collecting and processing data from plastics, metal and food production machinery and peripherals.

Using proprietary software and hardware platform, capable of full integration of old and new production devices and peripherals.

Industry and platform independent hardware, software and consulting services.

Limitless integration options (ERP, CRM etc.).

Easy to integrate and available on a cloud-based, monthly fee plan. No investment required.


Easily integrate our Plug’n’Play hardware into your machines and product lines.

Our universal data acquisition hardware can be connected to any manufacturing unit or peripheral, allowing data collection on older devices without central data communication and helping to get data onto a single software platform.


Track your production processes and get accurate, real-time data and reports.

The responsive user interface allows relevant staff to access the system from anywhere, from smartphones to tablets and computers to online production dashboards.

Support & Consulting

Our software contains the knowledge base you need for successful implementation and management.

Personalised advice in order to building/strengthening measurement, data collection and data analysis competencies to your company, from design to deployment, application and further development.

Our system has the following main features.

Digital data collection:

  • Machine status [Producing; Not producing; Producing automatically]

  • Cycle time [s]

  • Measuring of technological times (e.g. start of mould closing, start of raw material injection, start – end of baking time) [s]

  • Quantity produced [Good; Scrap rate etc.]

  • Peripheral monitoring [Operational; Not operational; specific technological value]

  • Electricity consumption

  • Raw material depletion (from barrel)

  • Cycle time deviation

  • Scrap rate

  • Downtime index

  • Technological (e.g. injection moulding) parameters
  • Worker identification

      • Production volume plan/actualAPI connection to ERP/MES systems

      • Interfacing with other data collection hardware components

      • Data export for further detailed analysis



      • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

      • Scrap reason report

      • Fill in the worksheet

      • Interactive reports, statements

      • Reporting and managing the reason for downtime


      Visualisation and alerts:

      • Real-time online Dashboard (phone, smartphone, monitor, display)

      • Andon signals and escalation system

      • Display of worksheets, machine books



      IMM-DATA’s services are hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment, ensuring that all our customers have access to the latest versions of our software without the need for administration, and that our services are priced more favourably than traditional on-premises solutions hosted on our customers’ own servers.

      Operate according to criteria issued by the IoT Security Foundation. Each device has its own X.509 TLS certificate with digital signature. Updates are also signed with a certificate.




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